Mahesh Ranchhod
Managing Director

Mahesh is a graduate of Massey University where he specialised in Property Studies. He has also been a very successful self-employed businessman with over a decade of experience in the property, car, rental and finance industries. Mahesh’s ability to combine his practical knowledge with property theory is a very valuable characteristic, which he contributes to the Group. His passion for property runs deep and his expertise in risk management ensures that properties invested in are in line with the vision of the Group. Mahesh is a shareholder and director of companies within the Group, managing and owning major commercial development projects encompassing the retail and commercial property sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

Ray Ranchhod

Ray is the Senior Director in the Ranchhod Group. His experience in property spans well over 40 years and he has been a very successful self-employed business man operating in the Wellington car industry and finance management for many years. Although now semi-retired, Ray still offers his very hands-on practical and learned knowledge to the Group when investing in properties. Ray has also been servicing the community as a Justice of Peace for the past decade. Ray is a shareholder and director of the companies within the Group.